Crimson Express  Murphysboro, IL

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2014 Show
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2014 Awards & Placements
Tiger Ambush Classic
1st Place in Class 1A Field (Visual, Percussion)
McKendree Preview of Champions
1st Place in Class 2A Field (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion, Guard)
SIU Music & Motion
1st Place in Class C Field (Music, Visual, Percussion, Auxiliary)
Pinckneyville Mardi Gras Field Show and Parade
1st Place in Class 2A Field (Music, Marching, Showmanship, Percussion)
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Nicholas Williams & Michael Moreland
School Colors
Crimson Red and Corn Yellow
2020 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a
2019 Enrollment n/a   IMO Division n/a

BOA St. Louis, MO Class A Regional Champions: 2010.