Mt. Zion Marching Music Games: Mt. Zion, IL - September 20, 2008

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Grand Champion: Champaign Centennial

Parade 1A:

79.170 Eisenhower

71.000 Ramsey

69.330 Atwood-Hammond (Auxiliary, DM)

68.750 Mattoon (Percussion)

58.080 Auburn

50.250 Okaw Valley

46.420 Shelbyville

Parade 2A:

64.170 Altamont (Auxiliary, DM, Percussion)

Parade 3A:

86.420 Champaign Centennial (Auxiliary, DM, Percussion)

Field 1A:

77.660 Mattoon (Auxiliary, Percussion)

75.350 Atwood-Hammond (DM)

56.420 Sullivan

53.670 Auburn

49.750 Shelbyville

46.170 Okaw Valley

Field 3A:

88.750 Lincoln Community (Percussion)

86.580 Champaign Centennial (DM, Auxiliary)

Contact Information:

Tim Page
Festival Website



The Danville High School Band of Vikings will be presenting the 35th Annual Viking Invitational Marching Band Competition on Saturday, September 20th, 2008. The event will be held on Danville High Schoolís Ned Whitesell Field, located at 202 East Fairchild Street, Danville.

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Performance Schedule:

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4:24 PM: Mt. Zion Jr. High
4:30 PM: Altamont Jr. High
4:36 PM: Mt. Zion

Class 1A
4:42 PM: Shelbyville
4:48 PM: Decatur Eisenhower
4:54 PM: Ramsey
5:00 PM: Auburn
5:06 PM: Atwood-Hammond
5:12 PM: Mattoon
5:18 PM: Okaw Valley

Class 2A
5:24 PM: Altamont

Class 3A
5:30 PM: Champaign Centennial
Class 1A
7:15 PM: Shelbyville
7:30 PM: Auburn
7:45 PM: Sullivan
8:00 PM: Atwood-Hammond
8:15 PM: Mattoon
8:30 PM: Okaw Valley

Class 3A
8:45 PM: Lincoln Community
9:00 PM: Champaign Centennial

9:15 PM: Mt. Zion

9:30 PM: Awards