Red & Black Fall Classic: DeKalb, IL - September 28, 2019

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Grand Champion: Prospect

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Field 1A:

65.300 H.D. Jacobs (Music, Visual, GE)

63.750 Wheaton Warrenville South

60.350 Niles West

59.600 Grant Community

58.100 Glenbrook North

53.600 Marengo

50.350 Rockford

Field 2A:

71.250 Batavia (Music, Visual, GE)

67.850 A.A. Stagg

55.700 Argo

54.650 Round Lake

Field 3A:

74.950 Pike, IN (GE)

74.400 Warren Township (Music, Visual)

69.550 Waubonsie Valley

69.100 DeKalb

68.400 Lemont

64.500 Kaneland

62.600 Glenbrook South

Field 4A:

78.400 Prospect (GE)

77.100 John Hersey (Music, Visual)

75.150 Joliet West

75.100 Oak Creek, WI

68.900 Neuqua Valley

Contact Information:

Rick Valenzuela
Festival Website



The Phantom Regiment Marching Band Festival will be held at Northern Illinois University in conjunction with the Huskie Marching Band. Adjudicators and clinicians from across the country will be judging, including past and present BOA judges, utilizing BOA sheets.

The competition will start at 1:00 P.M. Tickets will cost $12 for adults, $7 for students, and $30 for a family pack.

Blank Score Sheet

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Festival Address: 1201 North Stadium Drive, DeKalb, IL 60115

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
2:30 PM: Glenbrook North
2:45 PM: Wheaton Warrenville South
3:00 PM: H.D. Jacobs
3:15 PM: Rockford
3:30 PM: Marengo
3:45 PM: Grant Community
4:00 PM: Niles West

4:15 PM: Break

Class 2A
4:30 PM: Argo
4:45 PM: Round Lake
5:00 PM: Batavia
5:15 PM: A.A. Stagg

5:30 PM: NIU Huskie Marching Band

5:45 PM: Awards

Class 3A
6:15 PM: Glenbrook South
6:30 PM: Lemont
6:45 PM: Kaneland
7:00 PM: Warren Township
7:15 PM: Waubonsie Valley
7:30 PM: DeKalb
7:45 PM: Pike, IN

8:00 PM: Break

Class 4A
8:15 PM: Joliet West
8:30 PM: Neuqua Valley
8:45 PM: Prospect
9:00 PM: Oak Creek, WI
9:15 PM: John Hersey

9:30 PM: NIU Huskie Marching Band

9:45 PM: Awards

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