DeKalb High School Marching Band Championship: DeKalb, IL - September 28, 2019

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Grand Champion: Plainfield South

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Field 1A:

78.000 Sandwich (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion)

62.170 Oregon

60.500 Richmond-Burton (Auxiliary)

46.670 Genoa-Kingston

Field 2A:

70.500 Grant Community (Music, Visual, Auxiliary)

65.330 Niles West (GE, Percussion)

Field 3A:

72.170 Kaneland (Music, Visual, GE, Percussion)

64.670 Sycamore

55.500 Rochelle Township (Auxiliary)

Field 4A:

80.670 Plainfield South (Visual (tie))

79.330 Oswego East (Music, Visual (tie))

76.670 Plainfield East (GE, Percussion, Auxilary)

66.000 Hinsdale South

Contact Information:

Steven Lundin
Festival Website



Come join us for our first Marching Band competition at DeKalb High School. DHS features synthetic field turf, seating for 5000 spectators and easy travel access for bands from all over Northern Illinois. Bands will compete in three classes based upon a combination of school and band size. There will be awards for class placement and caption. Each group will receive an indoor and outdoor warm up, with short travel distances for equipment and performers throughout the event. Bands will perform in reverse order from the time they register for the event. DHS has a strong history of hosting large scholastic events and is proud to add the Marching Band Championship to our offerings.

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Festival Address: 501 W. Dresser Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115

Performance Schedule:

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Class 2A
1:00 PM: Grant Community
1:15 PM: Niles West

Class 3A
1:30 PM: Rochelle Township
1:45 PM: Kaneland
2:00 PM: Sycamore

Class 1A
2:15 PM: Genoa-Kingston
2:30 PM: Richmond-Burton
2:45 PM: Oregon
3:00 PM: Sandwich

3:15 PM: Break

Class 4A
3:30 PM: Oswego East
3:45 PM: Plainfield South
4:00 PM: Plainfield East
4:15 PM: Hinsdale South

4:30 PM: DeKalb

4:45 PM: Awards

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