McKendree Preview of Champions: Lebanon, IL - October 03, 2009

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Grand Champion: Murphysboro

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Field 1A:

56.300 Wesclin (Visual, GE, Percussion)

54.900 Christian, MO (Music)

52.900 Johnston City (Color Guard)

45.100 Orchard Farm, MO

Field 2A:

71.100 Murphysboro (Music, Visual, GE)

65.100 Fort Zumwalt South, MO (Percussion)

58.800 Urbana (Color Guard)

51.800 Carterville

50.600 McCleur North, MO

49.400 Hazelwood East, MO

Field 3A:

67.400 Seckman, MO (Music, Visual)

65.700 Metamora (GE)

64.700 Carbondale

64.100 Waterloo (Percussion)

63.600 Timberland, MO

60.600 Collinsville (Color Guard)

Field 4A:

69.300 Fort Zumwalt West, MO (Music, Visual, Percussion)

68.100 Highland (GE)

63.200 Mascoutah (Color Guard)

Contact Information:

Lester McQuaid
Festival Website



Bands will compete on a lighted, Game Day turf field, in classes based on number of instrumentalists. Awards are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class and a Grand Champion Award. Caption awards for Outstanding Percussion, Color Guard, Music, and Visual are also given in each class. After each bands performance there will be a video review and clinician comments.

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Performance Schedule:

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Class 1A
2:30 PM: Johnston City
2:45 PM: Wesclin
3:00 PM: Christian (MO)
3:15 PM: Orchard Farm (MO)

3:30 PM: Break

Class 2A
3:45 PM: McCluer North (MO)
4:00 PM: Hazelwood East (MO)
4:15 PM: Carterville
4:30 PM: Murphysboro
4:45 PM: Urbana

5:00 PM: Break

Class 3A
5:15 PM: Timberland (MO)
5:30 PM: Seckman (MO)
5:45 PM: Waterloo
6:00 PM: Metamora
6:15 PM: Collinsville
6:30 PM: Carbondale

6:45 PM: Break

Class 4A
7:00 PM: Highland
7:15 PM: Fort Zumwalt West (MO)
7:30 PM: Mascoutah

7:45 PM: Break

8:00 PM: McKendree University Marching Bearcat Band

8:20 PM: Awards