Lake Park Lancer Joust: Roselle, IL - September 13, 2014

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Grand Champion: Prospect

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Field 1A:

56.800 Wheaton Warrenville South

54.600 Wheaton North (Music, GE, Perc, Aux)

50.200 H.D. Jacobs (Visual)

Field 2A:

71.750 Wheeling (Music)

71.500 Lincoln-Way East (Visual, GE, Aux)

67.700 Naperville Central (Perc)

63.100 Lemont

61.100 Waubonsie Valley

60.400 Naperville North

57.550 Lincoln-Way North

51.500 Herscher

Field 3A:

78.400 Prospect (Music, Visual, Perc, Aux)

76.150 Lockport Township (GE)

70.300 John Hersey

66.400 Plainfield North

64.750 Greendale, WI

61.650 Warren Township

41.850 Downers Grove South


78.250 Prospect (Visual, GE)

72.150 Lockport Township

71.650 Wheeling

71.250 Lincoln-Way East

69.150 John Hersey (Music)

67.900 Naperville Central

63.200 Plainfield North

62.600 Lemont

62.350 Greendale, WI

61.150 Warren Township

Notes: Downers Grove South WAS NOT scored in Music General Effect 1 in prelims due to technical difficulties.

On contest day, Wheaton Warrenville South was incorrectly placed in Class AA.

Contact Information:

Steve Pyter
Festival Website



The Annual Lancer Joust will feature bands from Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. The competition is a great way to start the season with an afternoon/evening event in preliminary and final competition format. Preliminary competition is classified by band size.

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Judging Panel

Music Captions:
Joe Allison
Randy Isoda
Mark Ponzo
Alfred Watkins

Visual Captions:
Marie Czapinski
Eric Sabach
Paul Wiercioch

Joe Roach

Color Guard:
David Wiles

Field Manager/Timing & Penalties:
Frank Bischoff

Cam Stasa

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 2A
12:15 PM: Wheaton Warrenville South
12:30 PM: Herscher

Class 1A
12:45 PM: Wheaton North
1:00 PM: H.D. Jacobs

1:15 PM: Break

Class 2A
1:30 PM: Naperville Central
1:45 PM: Waubonsie Valley

Class 3A
2:00 PM: Warren Township

Class 2A
2:15 PM: Lemont

Class 3A
2:30 PM: John Hersey
2:45 PM: Prospect
3:00 PM: Plainfield North

3:15 PM: Break

Class 2A
3:30 PM: Lincoln-Way North

Class 3A
3:45 PM: Downers Grove South

Class 2A
4:00 PM: Naperville North

Class 3A
4:15 PM: Greendale, WI

Class 2A
4:30 PM: Lincoln-Way East
4:45 PM: Wheeling

Class 3A
5:00 PM: Lockport Township

5:15 PM: Lake Park

5:30 PM: Awards

7:30 PM: Downers Grove South

Class Finals
7:45 PM: Greendale, WI
8:00 PM: Lemont
8:15 PM: Plainfield North
8:30 PM: Warren Township

8:45 PM: Break

8:45 PM: Wheaton North

Class Finals
9:00 PM: Naperville Central
9:15 PM: Lincoln-Way East
9:30 PM: Wheeling
9:45 PM: Prospect
10:00 PM: John Hersey
10:15 PM: Lockport Township

10:30 PM: Wheaton Warrenville South
10:45 PM: Lake Park

11:00 PM: Awards

Festival Address - 500 W. Bryn Mawr, Roselle, IL 60172

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Last Updated On: 09-14-2014