Marengo Settlers Days: Marengo, IL - October 12, 2014

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Grand Champion: Wheeling

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Parade 1A:

22.900 Marmion-Rosary

21.800 Sandwich

19.100 Genoa-Kingston

17.100 Dwight Township

Parade 3A:

27.100 Wheeling

25.800 Evanston

24.600 Mundelein

Field 1A:

66.450 Evergreen Park (Auxiliary)

54.800 Sandwich (Brass, Woodwinds, Marching, Percussion, DM)

47.750 Morris Community

45.050 Marmion-Rosary

44.700 Genoa-Kingston

43.600 Dwight Township

41.400 Oregon

Field 2A:

62.250 Prairie Ridge (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion)

55.250 Grayslake Central (DM)

50.750 Sycamore (Marching)

50.400 Antioch (Auxiliary)

47.150 Hampshire

Field 3A:

81.450 Wheeling (Brass, Woodwinds, Marching, Percussion, Auxiliary)

72.700 DeKalb

64.150 Mundelein

59.400 Evanston (DM)

54.650 McHenry

Contact Information:

Todd Stellmach
Festival Website



This annual competition plays host to some of the better bands in Illinois.

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Judging Panel

Music Individual: Matt Eaton
Music Ensemble: Mark Ponzo
Visual Individual: Chris Owen
Visual Ensemble: Rick Valenzuela
Music General Effect 1: Timothy Yontz
Music General Effect 2: Tom Bough
Visual General Effect: Lori Valenzuela
Color Guard: Jennifer Luby
Percussion: John Haney
Drum Major: Brandon Stansbury
Parade Music 1: Lisa Eaton
Field Manager/Parade Music II: Jeffery Urban
Announcer/Parade Visual: Pat Mooney

Festival Address: 110 Franks Road, Marengo, IL 60152

Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

Class 1A
4:00 PM: Morris Community
4:15 PM: Oregon
4:30 PM: Evergreen Park
4:45 PM: Genoa-Kingston
5:00 PM: Dwight Township
5:15 PM: Sandwich
5:30 PM: Marmion-Rosary

5:45 PM: Break

Class 2A
6:00 PM: Prairie Ridge
6:15 PM: Sycamore
6:30 PM: Antioch
6:45 PM: Grayslake Central
7:00 PM: Hampshire

7:15 PM: Break

Class 3A
7:30 PM: Evanston
7:45 PM: McHenry
8:00 PM: DeKalb
8:15 PM: Mundelein
8:30 PM: Wheeling

8:45 PM: Marengo

9:15 PM: Awards

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