Murphysboro Drums at Appletime: Murphysboro, IL - September 13, 2014

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Grand Champion: Waterloo

Parade JH:

Pinckneyville Junior High

Anna-Jonesboro Junior High

Parade B:


Parade 1A:

70.500 Pinckneyville Community

59.000 Kelly, MO

Parade 2A:

65.000 Potosi, MO


Parade 3A:

89.800 Waterloo

79.000 Mascoutah

Field 1A:

54.100 Pinckneyville Community (Music, Auxiliary)

52.300 Johnston City (Visual, DM)

51.100 Sparta

44.600 Kelly, MO

43.100 Anna-Jonesboro

Field 2A:

71.000 Potosi, MO (Music, Percussion, Auxiliary)

67.800 Carterville (Visual, DM)

62.400 Massac County

Field 3A:

78.100 Cape Central, MO (Visual)

77.300 Waterloo (DM)

75.900 Marion (Percussion)

73.800 Mascoutah (Music, Auxiliary)

73.300 Carbondale

Contact Information:

Kirk Caskey
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Originally a Drum and Bugle Corps show, the Murphysboro Drums at Appletime competition is a premier competition hosting bands from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Iowa consistently drawing around 5,000 spectators. In an effort to be responsive to the needs of bands early in the season the show features a critique and review session for band directors and their staff with the judges immediately following the competition. A Grand Champion is crowned combining the parade and field show scores.

The show will begin at 4:30 P.M.

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Performance Schedule:

Printer Friendly Schedule

11:00 AM: Murphysboro
11:07 AM: Murphysboro Middle School

Class B
11:14 AM: Shawnee

Class 1A
11:21 AM: Kelly, MO
11:28 AM: Pinckneyville Community

Class 2A
11:35 AM: Harrisburg
11:42 AM: Potosi, MO

Class 3A
11:49 AM: Mascoutah
11:56 AM: Waterloo

Class JH
12:03 PM: Anna-Jonesboro Junior High
12:10 PM: Pinckneyville Junior High
Class 1A
4:30 PM: Johnston City
4:45 PM: Kelly, MO
5:00 PM: Anna-Jonesboro
5:15 PM: Pinckneyville Community
5:30 PM: Sparta

5:45 PM: Break

Class 2A
6:00 PM: Massac County
6:15 PM: Carterville
6:30 PM: Potosi, MO

6:45 PM: Break

Class 3A
7:00 PM: Mascoutah
7:15 PM: Cape Central, MO
7:30 PM: Carbondale
7:45 PM: Marion
8:00 PM: Waterloo

8:15 PM: Murphysboro
8:30 PM: McKendree University

8:45 PM: Awards

Festival Address - 50 Blackwood Dr., Murphysboro, IL 62966

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